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March 5th – 6PM

Singing; March 6th – 2PM, Lesson; March 6th – 3PM

March 7th = 9;30 AM, 10;30 AM

We’re a group of Bible-focused Christians dedicated to following the teachings of God, and of His Son Jesus, as found in the Bible. We are a small congregation, and we care deeply about our neighbors in the Spring Hill and Hernando County (north metro Tampa) communities. Our worship is simple, powerful and Bible-centered. Our Sunday and Wednesday classes are Bible-based.

We believe that the Bible contains the words of God, and that we must follow and apply those words to our lives every day. We take Christ’s command to reach out to others seriously. We’re on a mission to teach our friends and neighbors that life eternal through God’s only begotten Son, Jesus Christ, is available to all who obey Him.

Meeting Times:
Sunday Bible Study 9:30-10:15 AM
Sunday Worship: at 10:30 AM